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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do we have a Map of Pecan Grove?  Yes, it is located under the top tab “Community Board”  and subtab “Things to Know” at the bottom of the page or just  select the following →  Pecan Grove Map
  • Does Pecan Grove have a “No Solicitation Policy” – No we do not, for suggestions on how to deal with solicitors go to the following No Solicitation
  • Is there a policy concerning Golf Carts in Pecan Grove – Yes, to view the policy go here →  Golf Cart Regulations in Ft. Bend County
  • Is there a restriction concerning Garage Sales in Pecan Grove – No restrictions on when but there are recommendations and rules concerning advertising – to view the policy go here Garage Sale Policy


The Board of Trustees is here to serve you in any way we can.  Feel free to contact our office or any one of the PG POA Board Members individually any time you need assistance or have questions.

Announcements and News

June 2020 Newsletter

The May edition of the Pecan Grove  “News in a Nutshell”  is now posted to the web site; To view a copy, go to “Newsletters” under “Connect with Us” on our home page or just select the “News in a Nutshell” link above.

Plantation & Windmill Park Grant Completed

The Park/Playground on Plantation and Windmill park, previously owned and maintained by Pecan Grove Property Owners Association, has transferred ownership to the Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District (MUD).  The grant was finalized May 11th, 2020.  Hopefully the MUD will make the necessary updates to park to once again make it a fun and SAFE place for the children to play.

Have a Question or Need Help?

If you have a question concerning your residence in Pecan Grove, need assistance with an issue or just a general comment concerning the area or web site.   Let us know.   Just click on this link and leave your message and we will respond as quickly as possible.  General Questions or Assistance

Property Modification Requests

Spring is just around the corner, if you are considering modifications, changes or additions to your home or property, you may need to submit a Property Modification Form to the Pecan Grove Architectural Control Committee (ACC).   It is important that you complete and submit the proper paperwork prior to the start of any work to ensure your request is reviewed and approved by our ACC and all work is in compliance with the Pecan Grove Covenants.  Many times your contractor will do this for you.

  • To view and print a copy of the Property Modification Form as well as the Guidelines, go here → Property Modification Form
  • If you prefer, there is also a copy of the form enclosed in the monthly “News in a Nuttshell”,  or you may visit our office to obtain a copy.   If you have questions please give us a call at 281-344-9496.

PGPOA Reminders

Deed Restrictions

You can now file a Deed Restriction Violation or inform the POA Board of an unsightly condition, by simply going on line from our Web Site. If you identify a situation you feel the Board needs to address, please let us know by clicking on the link below and submitting your concern.
Deed Restriction Violation


As a reminder, Pecan Grove is made up of 25 sections including the Greens and The Terrace.   Each section has their own set of Covenants/Restrictions and while all are all very similar, there are a few minor differences in each section.  If you have questions concerning home improvement modifications or possible deed restrictions you can view a copy on our web site.   Just go to the following link and follow instructions to locate your section and view a copy of your covenants.   Pecan Grove Covenants

Trash Cans

Please observe the PGPOA policy for taking out and storing trash:  Do not place trash at curbside earlier than Sunday afternoon
for Monday pick-up and Wednesday afternoon for Thursday pick-up.
Also, we ask that everyone help us maintain the appearance of the neighborhood as well as be respectful to your neighbors by
storing trash cans, barbecue grills and misc household items out of site from the street.

Calendar Items

If you have an event you would like to have posted to our Calendar – send us an email at pgpoa@pecangrove.org or give us a call at (281) 344-9496