Links to Safety

For emergencies always call 911, but for events that happen that are not emergencies, i.e annoying solicitors, reporting suspicious activity to the police, vacation house watch, street lights out, leaking street water etc. click on the link below:

Helpful Links and Information

Keeping Our Neighborhood Safe

Safety First

While we understand it is not always possible to prevent crime, visibility is a great deterrent and also provides a much quicker reaction to a crime if it does occur.

The Board works directly with the MUD, Ft. Bend County Sheriff’s office and Ft. Bend County Constable Pct. 3, to provide neighborhood patrols.  These scheduled patrols help maintain the safety of Pecan Grove Residents, enforce speed limits, critical to safety of our children and pedestrians as well as reducing motor vehicle accidents. Located just outside the neighborhood, the Pecan Grove Volunteer Fire Department, provides quick responses to fires or medical emergencies.

In addition, the PGPOA maintains 5 radar signs, strategically located on streets identified as high risk from speeders.  Results of traffic monitored via the signs are pulled monthly and shared with the board and Ft. Bend County Sheriff’s office.


Like many neighborhoods, Pecan Grove does not contain a “No Solicitation” rule in its covenants. If you are concerned about solicitors, residents are urged to place a “NO SOLICITATION” sign visible to anyone approaching your front or back doors.
If you are approached, ask the solicitors to leave. If they do not promptly leave upon request, contact the Ft Bend County Sheriff’s dispatch number at (281) 341-4666. this number is also located on the back cover of the newsletter and under the Safety menu on this site.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Finally, it is important to note the impact the community can have on safety. Neighbors working together and watching for signs of crime, frequent speeding or safety issues around the neighborhood can greatly assist our officers in stopping crime before it happens. Information provided by the residents allow the officers to quickly respond to unsafe conditions and keep Pecan Grove one of the safest subdivisions in Ft Bend County.