Did You Know?

Neighborhood Solicitation

Like many neighborhoods, Pecan Grove does not contain a “No Solicitation” rule in its covenants. If you are concerned about solicitors, residents are urged to place a “NO SOLICITATION” sign visible to anyone approaching your front or back doors.

If you are approached, ask the solicitors to leave. If they do not promptly leave upon request, contact the Ft Bend County Sheriff’s dispatch number at (281) 341-4666. this number is also located on the back cover of the newsletter and under the Safety menu on this site.

Things to Know if You Live in Pecan Grove

Golf Cart Regulations in Ft. Bend County

If you live in the Pecan Grove neighborhood, did you know there are Ft. Bend County Laws regulating operation of a Golf Cart on public streets. These rules are especially important if you have underage children that may be operating the Golf Cart. Click Here to review these regulations.

Flags Across the Brazos

Six times throughout the year, enjoy a 3’x5′ American Flag displayed in your yard from sunrise to sunset. Young men from Troop 1000 will strategically place a flag in your front yard on the following days: July 4th, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day and Flag Day.  If you are interested in signing up or have any questions please send an email to: t1000fab@gmail.com.  For additional information or to review prices go to the following site:  BSA Troop 1000 

Honey Bees

Are you having problems with Honey Bees, setting up a hive in or near your home and need to have them removed. The Ft. Bend County BeeKeepers Association can help take care of this problem for you – Go Here for more information.

Architectural Request (When should I get approval for changes or modifications to my home/property)

As a general rule any of the following requests require the resident to submit an ACC request to PGPOA office for approval by the Board:  Swimming Pool, Replacing Roof, Driveway (replacement or widening) , Replacing fence & remember fences on the golf course must be wrought iron, Storage Shed, Adding a deck or making any structural changes to your home/garage, Painting home if changing color, replacing or painting doors or windows, significant changes to landscape in front of home.  This is not an all inclusive list, refer to your covenants for additional directions and remember if unsure submit a request.  Additional information is available on our site by going to the following link:  Home Improvements