Welcome to Pecan Grove

Pecan Grove, a community of over 15,963 people and since 2000 we have had a population growth of over 25%. Neighbors, Friends, Family, this is just a great place to live. A feeling of security and the ease of being able to walk down the streets, day or night, is one of the continuing benefits of our community. Bordering a 27 hole golf course, great schools, parks, easy access to shopping and restaurants, we are truly fortunate.

Pecan Grove has been home to some of our residents for over 30 years and we have new people moving in all the time.

While we are all extremely proud of our neighborhood, it takes hard work to maintain our homes and lots. Respect your neighbors by maintaining your landscaping, storing trash cans and unused items out of site from the street. And remember; While everyone wants to feel we have a safe community, it takes everyone working together to keep it that way, if you see suspicious activity, report it to the police, you could be doing yourself as well as your neighbor a favor.