Did You Know?

Pecan Grove is made up of 25 separate sections including the The Greens (Section 1 and 2) and The Terrace.    Each section has a unique set of Covenants addressing Property Modifications, Deed Restrictions etc..  While overall the Covenants across Pecan Grove are similar there are small differences in many of them.  It is important, as a homeowner in Pecan Grove, if you are looking to modify your home or property or need to review for possible deed restrictions that you obtain the correct copy of your Covenants.

This page is dedicated to providing residents a way to easily identify, view and print, if desired, a copy of the covenants particular to your residence.   Please follow instructions to identify your section and then click on the link indicated to view a copy

Covenant Search


To view or print a copy of your Covenants (Deed Restrictions) via the search box on the left:
1. Type your address into the search box – do not abbreviate Rd., Ln. or St.
2. Your address and Section will be displayed below the search box
3. The specific section of Pecan Grove you reside in will display Under the heading “Account No./Section” such as 007-004-017 – click on the section displayed to retrieve a copy of your Covenants – these are fairly large files and may take several seconds to display

To View or Print a copy of your Covenants if you know your section, if not you can locate via the Map below:
1. If you do not know the section of Pecan Grove where you live, you can Find your section on the Map (Note: the Map can be enlarged using the + – signs in the lower left corner of the map), hold the left button of your mouse down to move the map around.
2. Once you locate the area where you live, click on the Blue Marker in that specific area. This will display a list of all of the streets and addresses located in your section.  If your address falls within this section, click on your specific section below the map to display your covenants.  Again, these are fairly large files and may take several seconds to display

Pecan Grove Covenants (Click below on the section of Pecan Grove where you live to display Covenants specific to your area of Pecan Grove)

Section 1          Section 2          Section 3          Section 4          Section 5          Section 6          Section 7          Section 8          Section 9          Section 10        Section 11        Section 12      Section 14        Section 15        Section 16        Section 17        Section 18        Section 19        Section 20        Section 21        Section 22     The Greens Section 1   The Greens Section 2       The Terrace