Annual Maintenance Fees

Pecan Grove Property Owners Association Annual Maintenance, Late & Transfer Fees:

Maintenance Fee – $190.00

– The PGPOA accounting service, Potter & Golden, will mail the annual maintenance fee statement for the upcoming year to all Pecan Grove property owners on or around December 1st of each year. For the last three years and as of March 2017 the fee is and has been $190.00. Please note, the annual Mtce. fee is reviewed each year by the PGPOA Board and subject to change with Board approval.

Due Date and Potential Late Fees

– Property owners have until the last day in February to pay the full amount due without incurring a late fee.

    • March 1st, a late fee of $25.00 is charged to any resident that have not paid the $190.00 assessment.
    • June 1st, the second $25.00 late fee is charged to those who still have not paid the $190.00 and the $25.00 March late fee.
    • September 1st, a third $25.00 late fee is charged to those who have not paid the $190.00 in addition to the two $25.00 late fees already assessed from March 1st and June 1st.
    • Collections: At some point in time, determined by the PGPOA Board, delinquent property owners are turned over to our attorney who handles the collections. As a note, delinquent owners will not only be responsible for their non-paid maintenance fees/late fees but also any additional fees charged by our attorney.

Payment Plan

– The exception to the above procedure is as follows: Residents who contact the PGPOA Office and agree to pay their annual assessment on a monthly basis will not incur a late fee unless they fail to pay EACH MONTH. It should be understood that Residents on a payment plan must make their arranged payment each month to prevent a late fee assessed similar to above. Click Here to review the PGPOA Payment Plan

How to Pay

– You can send your payment to our office at Pecan Grove Property Owners Association,1421 FM 359, Suite A, Richmond, TX 77406 or mail to our accountant at Potter & Green, 11111 Wilcrest Green Dr., Houston, TX 77042.  Unfortunately, at this time we do not have online payments setup.

Transfer Fee

– There is a transfer fee for setting up new accounts when purchasing a home in Pecan Grove. The transfer fee is $75.00, assessed by the title company and paid by the buyer, possibly negotiated by your Realtor to be paid by the seller . The $75.00 dollar fee should be made payable to Pecan Grove Property Owners Association and sent to our office at 1421 FM 359, Suite A, Richmond, TX 77406 or mailed to Potter & Green at 11111 Wilcrest Green Dr., Houston, TX 77042