Property Modification Form

To review, print or get an electronic copy of our Property Modification Form (ACC Request) click on the following link >>Property Modification Request Form & Guidelines

Please review the guidelines on page 2 of the Property Modification Request Form to determine if you are required to submit a request or planned work is pre-approved by the Pecan Grove Architectural Control Committee

Home Improvements

To protect each individual homeowner’s rights and values, it is necessary that any homeowner considering improvements and/or change to their property or dwelling, submit a Property Modification Application to the Pecan Grove POA for planned improvements and/or changes.  To view or print a copy of the form please go here >>Pecan Grove Property Modification Form <<

Please note that any changes not submitted or approved by the resident, the PGPOA has the right to request the homeowner to remove the improvement and/or change from the property.

When making changes to your property you will need to complete all required information in the Property Modification Application and also note that some modifications may require samples or detail drawings before a decision can be delivered.  You can find a copy of the Property Modification Application as well as guidelines on page 2 of the application to determine if a Modification Request is required on our website.    To access this form on the  left side of this page or by going to “Resources” and selecting “Policies & Forms” from the drop down list.

The Board will normally review and respond to your request within 7 to 10 days but depending on complexity or request has up to 30 days to approve or deny.

Please note; The PGPOA covenants do not allow contractors to post advertisements in the yard, tree or home prior to or during construction. We ask that you inform your contractor of this policy and request they remove any signs or banners advertising their company or services.

Swimming Pool Applications

– Application must be signed by the property owner and NOT your pool contractor.

  • Pool applications must have the pool with decking or coping shown on official survey/plat within easement lines.
  • Application must include pool and landscaping drawings with dimensions.
  • Property owner MUST contact Environmental Design Partners (EDP) regarding drainage and inspection requirements for pools and spas at 281-238-5000

Storage Sheds

– You must submit an application for any storage shed. Only wood sheds (maximum overall height of 9 feet) with shingles and paint matching exterior of house will be considered.


– You must submit an application for all new roofs
Be cautious of roofing contractors and check your covenants before agreeing to a new roof, most covenants require a 300lb shingle and many contractors will attempt to place a lesser weight shingle that will not be in compliance with the covenants.

Policies and Forms (Files to be posted under resources tab in “Policies and Forms) The following policies and forms outline PGPOA Annual Assessments, payment plans,

Property Modification Forms as well as new Homeowner Policies enacted by the state in 2011 PGPOA Collection Policy PGPOA Payment Plan PGPOA By Laws PGPOA Rainwater Plan PGPOA Flag Plan PGPOA Solar Plan PGPOA Religious Items PGPOA Deed Restriction Guidelines