Did You Know?

Like many neighborhoods, Pecan Grove does not contain a “No Solicitation” rule in its covenants. If you are concerned about solicitors, residents are urged to place a “NO SOLICITATION” sign visible to anyone approaching your front or back doors.

If you are approached, ask the solicitors to leave. If they do not promptly leave upon request, contact the Ft Bend County Sheriff’s dispatch number at (281) 341-4666. this number is also located on the back cover of the newsletter and under the Safety menu on this site.

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Use the form below to submit your question, general comment or suggestion concerning your property or an area in Pecan Grove. In addition, We are always looking for ways to improve the web site if you have ideas, let us know. We will respond as quickly as possible.

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Resident participation concerning issues in our community, suggestions for improving the neighborhood or just asking general questions is encouraged.  Simply contact the appropriate Board Member, contact us at the office or submit your question or concern on the form below.

The PGPOA Office is located at 1421 FM 359, Suite A, 1st floor, Richmond, TX . The office is open Tuesday through Thursday from 9am to 2pm or you can reach us (281) 344-9496.

If you would like to contact any of our Board Members, see our list of board members here.

If you have suggestions for improving our web site, upcoming events, news/information
impacting our neighborhood, or just general questions or concerns, please submit using the form below or send us an email at pgpoa@pecangrove.org
We will take all questions and suggestions seriously.  If the issue is concerning the web site, we will implement changes if possible, if your question concerns Pecan Grove, the issue will be forwarded to the office administrator or appropriate board member to address.