Personal Want Ads


Up to three lines are free to residents of Pecan Grove POA.

Ads over three lines or running more than one ad will cost $5.00 for each additional ad up to three lines.
Residents of Pecan Grove not living in the POA may use the personal ad section at a cost of $5.00 per edition.
For Sale Ads will appear in one issue only of the “News in a Nutshell”

No Business, Real Estate or Garage Sale Ads will be accepted in the personal want ad section.

Baby-sitting, lawn mowing, etc ads will be accepted from full-time students, 21 years of age and younger and senior citizens.

Typed or neatly printed ads must be received at the POA office at 1421 FM 359, Suite A, Richmond, TX, no later than the 15th day of the preceding month.

Personal Ads cannot be accepted over the Telephone.

Would You Like to Advertise in Our Local Newsletter?

Advertising Rates: Resident Non-Resident

1/8 page (3.5″w x 2″d) $35 $60
1/4 page (3.75″w x 5″d) (7.5″w x 2″d) $60 $85
1/2 page (7.5″w x 5″d) (4″w x 10″d) $120 $150
Full page $225 $265
Insert * $250 $275 *(Advertiser must supply copies)
Check or Money Order (no cash accepted) and PROPERLY SIZED AD must be turned in to the POA Office, 281-344-9496, 1421 FM 359, Suite K, Richmond, TX by the 15th day of the preceding month (mail slot in door available). If you prefer, you may also e-mail your ad to (Word, JPG or PDF format only).

Ad must be correct size when e-mailed. If using hard copy, please use WHITE paper and BLACK INK only.

If making inserts, Advertisers must supply 2,150 copies of the inserts which may be multi-colored.

Make checks payable to: Pecan Grove POA. INC.

Note: The POA cannot guarantee the delivery date of the newsletter.

Advertisers paying three (3) months in advance will receive a ten percent (10%) discount. Although the editors of this newsletter cannot vouch for the truth or accuracy of these advertisements, we sincerely appreciate their support of this newsletter and hope you will give them the opportunity of your business.